Travel with Blockchain Passport

The.Passport is a blockchain decentralized individuals identities network which would operate independently without any centralization of any kind. It considers initial reading of users’ original passports which are issued by their country of citizenship. In addition to verification of other necessary identity credentials.

The.Passport also acts as an identity verification method for users who require to provide proof of identity, as well as to service the need to instantly share identity data with services that require proof of official identification (Airline reservations, Hotel bookings, online Financial services, online registrations, online shopping / shipping services, etc.). With The.Passport, users will not need to upload their proof of identity again and again for every service they wish to enroll or register in. Users would upload their documents once, and use The.Passport for all. Users can share all or part of their data, send and claim back their The.Passport, set times of views for recipients, enable / disable printing, saving, copying, forwarding, fetching and so on.

In The Passport blockchain, the passport, visa, ticket, hotel booking, and profile are all in a block owned by the individual with Passport Crypto Address which can be read in every stage of travel journey. Everytime The Passport Crypto Address is read, a data is stored in the blockchain, controlling next step (eg. if purchased ticket, then have three choices, to cancel, reschedule or travel. If time comes and user does not catch the flight, then destination country’s immigration would not accept entry. Simple reader would be placed at entrance of the airport, airlines counter, immigration, airlines launch, and flight gates, where user simply scans The Passport QR from his mobile phone and then blockchain is updated. When touring around the visited country, user does not need to curry paper passport, but only a mobile phone with The Passport Address, where officials, hotels, shops, or for any identity need, The.Passport Address can be scanned in seconds to stand on user’s status.

The.Passport is a Digital Distributed identity blockchain based network where individuals own and control the use of their personal data for any KYC or AML requirements, and decide who to see it, and can reclaim their information by what is called THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN as established by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

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