Top Jobs without a degree in the UK

With UK university fees rising and many people questioning the true value of a degree in today’s job market – careers that don’t require degrees are becoming much more appealing.

A recent study by StandOut CV has revealed the 7 highest paying jobs that don’t require applicants to have a university degree.

These jobs have minimal barriers to entry, and many can see employees earning over £100,000 per year after several years in the role.

1. Air traffic controller: Being responsible for the safe and efficient landing and take-off of aircrafts’ is a hugely responsible job, with a salary to match at £41,000 on average – potentially rising to £100,000 for senior controllers.

To qualify, you must be over 18 with 4 GCSEs at C or above, and then you must pass a series of online tests to determine your decision making and critical thinking abilities.

2. Recruitment consultant: With no formal entry requirements, recruiters help companies to find skilled staff, and are paid a commission of client fees generated. Whilst starting basic salaries are low (£12k – £16k) commission sees the average recruiter earning around £45,000 and the best earning in excess of £100,000.

3. Mortgage advisor: Advising homebuyers on which mortgage deal to choose is valuable and lucrative profession, paying an average of £45,000 with top performers earning over £80,000 with uncapped commission deals. A certificate of mortgage advice and practice is required, which can be self-studied or funded by employers.

4. Project manager: Delivering complex projects across a range of industries, project managers earn around £42,000 on average – with senior project managers earning over £75,000. There are no formal requirements but a Prince2 qualification can help, as can gaining experience in a junior project support role.

5. Estate agent: Selling and letting properties in the UK is a highly rewarded job, with estate agents earning an average of £60,000. There are no formal entry requirements and starting basic salaries can be low for trainees at around £12k – £16k – However with commissions from deals, senior estate agents can earn well over £100,000.

6. Electrician: With responsibility for installing and maintaining all of our electric systems, electricians are in high demand – commanding high salaries. The average electrician in the UK earns around £37,000 but with plenty of opportunities for high-paid overtime and performance based pay, an experienced electrician can earn £75,000 or more. An NVQ in electrotechnical services is required, which can be achieved via an apprenticeship or self-study.

7. B2B salesperson: Selling high value services and products to other businesses sees B2B salespeople earn big commissions and average salaries of £35,000. There are no formal entry requirements and relatively low starting salaries, but the top performers can earn £100,000 when making consistent sales.

StandOut CV director Andrew Fennell says,

“Although degrees are still valued by many employers, there are still plenty of jobs out there which don’t require candidates to have a degree, and pay salaries well above the national average.

These jobs provide great opportunities for people who aren’t fortunate enough to get access to a university education, or those who would simply rather get into the workplace quicker.

Some of these jobs can be obtained straight from school, whereas some will require some self-study beforehand. Either way, they all provide a faster and cheaper route to high earnings than a degree, which could take 3 years or more, and cost several thousand pounds.”

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