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For four years, TEDxUniversityofMalta has provided an unparalleled global platform to some of the best local ideas out there. Previous editions of our conference have amazed, moved and inspired thousands far beyond our shores, through the power of the TEDx community. We are now pleased to launch the fourth edition of the TEDxUniversityofMalta conference, bearing the theme “Quirks”.

The formation of our contemporary existence is the result of a symbiotic process between our shared past and a multitude of visions for our future. Just as the old demands regeneration through the new, any novel concept must seek to latch itself onto the sedimentary foundation of history to be viable. In time, what was once new becomes understood, accepted, adopted, and in turn, old itself.

Indeed, a mere rudimentary examination of our collective past reveals an incessant pattern of the common taming the subversive. As we explore the plethora of peculiarities which surround our societies, we cannot help but wonder what will happen when the odd inescapably becomes the habitual; when a seemingly fleeting fad sticks around to form another layer of the mundane.

Is it us who mould the quirks to match the comfort of our expectations? Or are they who shape our behaviour, one dent at a time? Join us in exploring these questions along with our live speakers on Friday 5 April 2019 at 1830hrs. The event shall once again be held at the Valletta Campus Theatre, part of the historic Old University Campus in the heart of Malta’s capital.

Further information and tickets may be obtained via https://www.tedxuniversityofmalta.org/

TEDxUniversityofMalta is supported by the University of Malta, the University Students Council (KSU), along with BRND WGN, Farsons, and Delicata.

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Monique Chambers

Monique started succeed in 2018 and indulge in 2011. She has published two apps; Indulge Me GIFT and Indulge Me FOOD and volume 1 of The Artists Directory - Malta, as well as an audio book, Table 7. A PR and Marketing professional by trade with a Masters in Entrepreneurship, Monique's passion is to promote local talent and Malta in general.