New American Communications Framework Launched in Malta

Jo Caruana is now Malta’s first StoryBrand Certified Guide, introducing a system that uses 2,000-year-old storytelling practices to help companies engage their customers more effectively than ever.

Online communication has never been more important. If businesses have learnt anything from the past few weeks, it’s that a strong online communications system and sales funnel can make the difference between success and failure when more traditional methods are challenged.

However achieving the kind of communication that can cut through immense online noise and captivate attention isn’t easy, and millions of euro are spent annually on methods that don’t interest the target audience. As a result they simply don’t work.

This is where the 2,000-year-old art of storytelling – a formula that Hollywood leverages to capture the imagines of millions worldwide and create blockbuster hits – makes the difference, as a method to secure attention and increase success. But while telling stories may be considered an art, its effectiveness is actually down to a simple framework that can turn vague and uninteresting business information into a compelling story that connects any company to its customers.

StoryBrand, a pioneering American system developed by renowned author, public speaker and entrepreneur Donald Miller, uses storytelling to do exactly that, and has been indispensible at securing success for thousands of companies across the United States. Now that framework has been introduced to Malta by WriteMeAnything, a content creation company that provides effective copywriting, ghost writing and PR consultancy.

“Harnessing the power of story is the secret to success in business communication, and choosing the right words for your marketing can be so much more important than how much money you spend,” says WriteMeAnything director Jo Caruana, who is Malta’s only StoryBrand Certified Guide. “I have followed the StoryBrand framework since it was first launched and been impressed by the incredible results it achieved for clients.

“More recently, as we watched our clients struggle with the new reality of doing business during the COVID-19 crisis, I saw getting StoryBrand certification as an opportunity to help them with their messaging, and started training immediately.”

In the coming weeks, Jo will present a free webinar to the general public on how the seven steps of brilliant storytelling can help any business to capture its clients’ attention. Participants will then be able to implement Ms Caruana’s key tips and advice into their marketing, PR, print and online advertising, and even their social media. “It is a system that will make you your client’s much-needed guide, and enable you to call your client to action,” continues Ms Caruana, who is also the editor of Malta CEOs magazine and a well-known local journalist.

“While things may seem challenging for many businesses right now, this is the ideal time to reflect on your company’s storytelling, make it clear, get it right, and secure success,” she adds.


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John de Giorgio

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