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As soon as the COVID-19 crisis emerged, Shireburn Software, the leading software products company in Malta, sought to identify ways in which it could help its clients. With a very broad client base in all sectors, including badly hit sectors like retail and hospitality, many of Shireburn’s client’s staff were not productive as a result of their operations being shuttered. What better way to add value during this period than to improve their skills?

Shireburn immediately put in motion its on-line Showcase platform to support remote training and moved its in-person training courses on-line and made them free.  Training was providing to address retail operations using the Shireburn POS, accounting with the Shireburn Financial Manager (SFM) and inventory management using the Shireburn Inventory Management System (SIMS) while users Shireburn Indigo were trained in running payrolls and `managing the Indigo Time & Attendance system.

Over 1,000 participants attended these free training sessions. This has helped companies to take advantage of the given time and come out better prepared for when the economic activity starts to pick up again. Knowing that the Shireburn solutions are so widely used, these sessions have been made available to anyone wanting to learn more about how to make better use of our suite of products – whether clients’ employees or individuals wanting to come out of this situation better equipped for future employment prospects.

The sessions also aimed to help users identify ways they can improve their processes and records.

To complement these sessions, Shireburn also offered “Indigo Tips & Tricks” sessions aimed at concentrating on specific functionalities which will allow users to enhance their Indigo experience. Perhaps of particular interest in this time was the “How to deal with the COVID Wage Supplement in Indigo” session which addressed the most frequently encountered queries.

Through these sessions, Shireburn has helped over 1,000 attendees gain better knowledge about the vast functionality of our products.

The feedback received has been overwhelming with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Here are some of the comments sent in by some attendees:

“It is always good to refresh information from time to time and this training experience was just what I needed. Thank you.”

“Always learning something new! Thank you.”

“Well done, carefully explained with different scenarios and to the point. Looking forward for the next one!”

“Session was interesting and gave me some further ideas of how to improve our systems and records.”

You can keep up to date with the latest training sessions available at Shireburn either by following the Shireburn Facebook page or by signing up to the Shireburn mailing list.  Click here to learn more about Shireburn Software.


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John de Giorgio

John is the founder of Shireburn Software, a software products company based in Malta and a number of other businesses. Entrepreneurial in nature, he looks at a business process and identifies ways in which process improvement and technology can be married in a practical way to provide value. He is passionate about helping communities and individuals through his work with Rotary International. He is a keen sailor and loves travelling, food and wine.