Salad Days

The White Sheep has been the place to go for salads for a number of years for me. I don’t go often – but when I do, it’s a real treat.

The ingredients are of the highest quality; each with provenance and usually from small holdings from Italy, France the UK and others, and are available to buy to take away or in dishes from the menu.

The salads are also enough to fill you up. Yes, I just said that. So although the prices look high, the quality and quantity you are getting actually make it great value. The trick is, however, to get out of the store without taking a jar or three home with you.

The relish section makes my homesickness for Waitrose a little better, and my bank account a little worse. But hell, it makes a simple supper way more interesting.

I had the best prosciutto ever. Like, ever. And spiced walnuts, cheese and loads of interesting leaves. Not crappy iceberg lettuce. I didn’t even need bread to fill up on.

And then you have to choose from a rainbow array of juices, coconut water and of course the latest thing – rosemary water.

They say no good story ever started with – I had a salad – but actually, my day was pretty good thereafter!

Our overall impression:
Good quality and calm setting
Good choices for salads and breads
Well priced.
Central with easy parking.


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Monique Chambers

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