Navigating Covid-19 Troubled Waters

The Malta Institute of Accountants is organising a webinar focusing on navigating a business through troubled waters during the COVID-19 crisis.  The webinar will be lead by Silvan Mifsud, and will be held on the 2 June between 13.30 – 16:45. Silvan is the Director of Advisory Services at EMCS and a regular contributor to

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business leaders are facing unprecedented challenges across various levels from dealing with immediate very pressing problems and also preparing their business for the future which will likely be based on a very different business environment businesses were used to until very recently.

How will your business model be effected? Is your business prepared for the post-pandemic world? What is the ‘new normal’ exactly? What government assistance is available? How can you strengthen your leadership skills in a time of crisis?

Many Businesses leaders are facing unprecedented challenges . In this webinar we tackle various common themes and businesses are facing with some insights as to how to tackle these various issues.


  1. Cash Management in this Crisis Period &The Pivotal role of the CFO
  2. Everyone is speaking of the “new normal” but what is it exactly?
  3. The evolution of Consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 lockdown and post-COVID-19 in Malta and Internationally
  4. Strategy: Preparing your business for a Post-Pandemic world
  5. Strategy: How will your business model be effected?
  6. Communications: Managing layoffs and communicating properly with your team
  7. Directors: Taking up a role that really helps the organisations they are directing
  8. Overview of Government Assistance, Government Guaranteed loans and Interest Rate Subsidy
  9. Leadership Skills in Time of Crisis
  10. The re-opening of economic activity to a new reality
  11. The Growing need of an external advisor – Ask for help

More details about the webinar agenda and registration can be found at the MIA web site.

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John de Giorgio

John is the founder of Shireburn Software, a software products company based in Malta and a number of other businesses. Entrepreneurial in nature, he looks at a business process and identifies ways in which process improvement and technology can be married in a practical way to provide value. He is passionate about helping communities and individuals through his work with Rotary International. He is a keen sailor and loves travelling, food and wine.