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If anyone can call themselves a blogging master or guru, in a world with a number of blogs that has broken the 20 million mark, it’s digital marketing expert, author, and blogger since he was 21 James Gaubert. In exciting news, Gaubert recently announced the launch of the Kindle and paperback versions of “The Complete Guide to Blogging (Everything You Need to Know to Turn Yourself Into a Blogging Unicorn)”, a work expertly designed to help bloggers break free from the pack, avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, while enjoying the process.

“Creating a successful blog is much more than jumping on WordPress getting a free blog and writing about whatever crosses your mind,” commented Gaubert about his new book. “In the current online environment, the chances of people stumbling across it is almost zero. But there is a way to structure, market, and keep building momentum for a blog that has been shown to work and I reveal it in my new book.”

“The Complete Guide to Blogging (Everything You Need to Know to Turn Yourself Into a Blogging Unicorn)” has clearly achieved the goal of being able to help almost any blogger is with every element of building and managing their blog, covering vital points like, how to set up a blog, how to pick the correct platform, deciding on a main topic, ideas for a steady flow of content, how to promote on social media and benefit from monetizing, once it rises in popularity.

Gaubert’s last book was the still-popular, “The A-Z of Digital Marketing”.

Early feedback for the new book has been passionate.

Robin T., from London, recently said in a five-star review, “’The Complete Guide to Blogging’ has been immediately valuable to me when it comes to my blogging efforts. I was making some mistakes that are now clear that I didn’t realize and the chapters on social media and monetizing are pure gold. Fully recommended.”

Check out James Gaubert’s own blog on digital marketing at https://www.the-digital-diary.com.

Learn more about the “The Complete Guide to Blogging” or order at https://amzn.to/2OaEeqr.

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