JAYE Malta rebrands to JA Malta with launch of new website

Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation announced that it will be updating its logo, brand and website domain (jamalta.org) with immediate effect as it becomes officially known as JA Malta.

The brand update, in line with the JA Worldwide brand, reflects the organisation’s evolution from a single youth development programme at the sixth form level in the 1980s, to a fully integrated education partner for young people aged between 7 and 30. JA helps students to connect the knowledge learnt in school to life outside of the classroom, especially when managing money, work and career readiness, and entrepreneurship.

“Junior Achievement has changed significantly over the years, and this update of our brand reflects that reality,” said Matthew Caruana, CEO of JA Malta. “We work closely with our partners in education, business, the community, and our international counterparts to ensure that we deliver proven, life-changing learning experiences to students. This includes various programmes and content offering hands-on, immersive, and interactive learning experiences. The timing of the brand change just felt right to recognise what Junior Achievement has become.”

Since 1986, the familiar Junior Achievement logo consisted of a green triangle with three white or gold stairsteps within the triangle. The new logo, which resembles either planes flying in formation or a flock of geese, borrows elements from the five previous JA logos to maintain consistency and familiarity with the positive reputation of the organisation. The new logo and branding, which utilises dark blue, turquoise, yellow and green colour elements, represents how one leader in the community, working in tandem with Junior Achievement, can impact many lives; by working together, we can all rise. Junior Achievement envisions, ‘a world where young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities’. JA’s experiential curriculum helps build critical skill sets, like collaboration, creativity, self-confidence, and resilience.

JA invites schools and educational institutions, parents and guardians, the business industry, and the public to be aware of the benefits of partnering up with JA Malta, as they all play a vital role in promoting self-efficacy.

The honour of being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and listed in the Top Ten Most Impactful NGOs are clear proof that the programmes and the work done by JA deliver true value to the community. JA inspires and prepares youth to succeed in a global economy.

For more information on JA Malta, partnering opportunities and the programmes that it runs, visit www.jamalta.org

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