Live Interview – Leadership from Within, with Deborah Webster

LIVE INTERVIEW: Deborah Webster – International speaker, investor and Founder & CEO of AMANIcircle will be interviewed by Julian Azzopardi, CEO of UP Limited.

Thursday 14 May at 1pm.

During this Live Session they will discuss leadership from within, in particular:

  • How to look ahead and think of growing business
  • How to build organisational resilience through, adequate planning / action
  • How to build a strong leadership team or board.

Register to join for this free live session adding it directly to your calendar or follow the live stream on the Vistage Malta Facebook Page on Thursday 14th May at 13:00.




Deborah believes technology in the right hands can create a more sustainable and equitable future.

She works with Family Offices and Family Businesses to find the right entrepreneurs, startups and high-growth companies to invest in. Her vision for AMANIcircle is to tackle some of the world’s most difficult challenges, by capturing the synergies of the partners she works with.

Previously a Partner with Korn Ferry, Deborah found a pattern behind successful companies and those that fail. She went on to develop a model – AMANI™ – to build better companies and optimise investments in early-stage and high-growth companies. The model also has a ‘red-flag’ system – an early warning predictor of failure (e.g. highlighted Theranos as a no-go pre-scandal).

Deborah has spoken at several conferences around the world and chairs discussions on a variety of topics including, leadership, innovation, and ethical practices around data and technology.

Clients have included Carlyle Group, Gulf Investment Corporation, Millicom, Tigo, Women for Women International, as well as some family groups, accelerators, high-growth companies and startups.

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John de Giorgio

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