Hustling and COVID-19

Yasmin de Giorgio
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Small businesses all across the world have been closing their doors and facing the kind of pressure that none of us could have anticipated.

If you scroll your facebook feed you will not be able to escape numerous articles inducing you to;

“Be productive working from home”
“Pivot your business”
“Transition online”

But are we reacting before we take the time to really understand what the proper response to this crises really is.

Yasmin is a serial entrepreneur who has two small businesses she has had to close down due to the Corona crises…but here are her thoughts on how maybe there is a deeper opportunity to come from this if we take the time to think more profoundly about the situation we are facing.


Yasmin de Giorgio

Yasmin de Giorgio graduated with a BSc in Economics and Management from the University of Bristol and then obtained an M.A. in International Development, also from the University of Bristol. Subsequent to returning to Malta, she established three different businesses: The Grassy Hopper – Malta’s first Vegetarian food truck and then 2 outlets; Theobroma a luxury chocolate outlet in Old Theatre Street, Valletta; the Sanya eco spa & Yoga Hub at the Hilltop complex in Naxxar. Yasmin has a passion for helping others, particularly entrepreneurs, managing their stress.