HSBC Malta enabling future skills for young people

In today’s rapidly changing world HSBC’s new Future Skills programme is supporting young people across Malta and Gozo to acquire new capabilities that can enable them to thrive in their future careers. An investment of over €150,000 is facilitating a number of projects including Science Technology Engineering Maths Camps in cooperation with the Science Centre – Pembroke, a Social Enterprise project in cooperation with Maria Regina College – Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre Wardija, and Career Skills project in cooperation with Down Syndrome Association of Malta .


The science camps will provide students the opportunity to learn and gain scientific literacy while nurturing their critical thinking, life, career, and innovative future skills, while the project with Wardija is helping young people gain exposure to entrepreneurial skills; indeed some of their products have already made their way to market under the label of ‘Warda’. Support for the Down Syndrome Association is focused on teaching computing, CV writing, interview skills, and job finding support.


HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. CEO Andrew Beane said: “Our Future Skills programme has been designed to empower young people to develop the skills they need to build bright and successful future careers.”


Globally, HSBC Group is committing to help one million people develop employment-related skills through focusing $80 million in funding as well as another one million people to increase their level of financial capability via $35 million in projects by 2020. Future Skills is a key part of HSBC’s updated sustainability strategy.

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