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HSBC Malta has over the past few months been rolling out a better user experience through its award-winning internet banking for business customers, HSBCnet. The focus will be to introduce a customer friendly interface and functions that are designed to offer efficiency, convenience, and control.

HSBCnet helps businesses stay in control of their everyday banking needs such as payment of bills and salaries, transferring funds and viewing account balances at any time and from anywhere around the globe.

The intuitive design means that customers can access all their accounts in one place, including both HSBC and non-HSBC accounts in Malta or overseas, and manage balances and transactions 24 hours a day. Other notable options include the ability to setup Euro and foreign-currency payments, and manage trade activity.

“HSBC is continually investing in technology and by adding new capabilities such as the new user interface to HSBCnet, we are counting on increasing convenience for our customers and helping them move to new cashless payment methods”, said Steve Zarb, Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management in Malta.

HSBCnet is designed to grow with the needs of businesses by providing important features such as viewing recent transactions, making domestic payments or completing more complex transactions from global accounts using real-time foreign exchange (FX) rates – all from one, secure platform.

Further to account management, HSBCnet provides a number of data and reporting tools. Users are able to generate and view financial reports online or import files to their in-house systems for reconciliation. HSBCnet Get Rate, allows users to view and instantly book foreign exchange rates for priority payments and inter-account transfers. The entire range of functions on HSBCnet website is similarly available on HSBCnet Mobile app which also features the latest in mobile innovations such as TouchID and FaceID.

“Being part of the HSBC Group, HSBC Bank Malta can offer its commercial customers the cutting-edge technology that is enjoyed by major companies across the world through a system that can deliver direct efficiencies to our customers’ finance operations”, said Michel Cordina Head of Commercial Banking.

HSBCnet is available to all HSBC Malta Commercial Banking customers. More information can be had on or 2380 8000.

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