How to use Instagram for business – Part 2

Part two. How to become a professional Instagram influencer

Being an influencer on Instagram is also a lot of work and you need patience to get through where nothing will happen, but it is also necessary to build and engage with your community, and this takes time.

The first touch of a brand should spark and trigger off a beautiful relationship! But do not wait for strong partnerships before having a dense community (tens of thousands of subscribers). Work hard to grow your audience as brands often favour large communities but do also pay attention to the small Instagram accounts that are sometimes more engaging and have quality followers. Behave honourably and your followers will reward you.

The platforms that connect brands and influencers are the first doors to get a foot in the small world of influence and to earn a few hundred euros.

Living with passion as an influencer on Instagram is not the only goal. It is a job. Time must be allowed and if an opportunity comes, then it must be grasped and persevered.

So, how do you become influencer on Instagram?

Number one is passion and creativity. These are at the heart of being an influencer on Instagram.

You are required to know how to model items / the subject and target peers and then shape your own style so that it is recognisable as yours. Dont make the mistake of imitating another Instagram influencer artist by replicating what he does, but about why or how they do it! If you invest yourself with passion by bringing a lot of creativity to your publications, you will stand out.

Create your own style and make a recognisable footprint among network users. It’s not a job that takes just a few minutes here and there. It requires strategic thinking, image manipulation skills, awareness of trends and linguistics and a bit of psychology and marketing knowledge too.


The influencer’s many qualities on Instagram can be found among the following:

– Choosing the right theme :

First of all, you need to select a niche you are extremely passionate about. It should be something that suits your personality and makes you feel connected. You need to have some basic knowledge on that and curiosity.

On social media you can’t fake it if it’s not your passion, somewhere or the other your true personality will take over. So, be very careful about that and don’t follow a niche that is trending, rather build what interests you. DIY crafts, kitchen hacks, travel, lifestyle, food and so on is there to pick from.

Rather than posting random things, figure out what can go in combo and curate your content. For example, you love fashion and good at DIY. Then you can show how to make DIY clothing, accessories, recycle things etc. and retain your posts’ originality.


– Regular posts:

To build a community that really engages to your posts, you need to post at least 1 time per day, 2 times is the best.


– Good CONTENT and share at the right time:

Consistency is the key for every aspect of life and so for becoming an Instagram influencer. Unique and quality content gains more exposure over the internet be it any social media platform.

But, you must not forget that the content should be published on your profile at its fixed time. Haven’t you seen people waiting for 8:30 pm to watch their favorite TV show? That’s what followers really do, they wait for your regular posting time.

For some special occasions or offers, you can tell them to announce the good news at a certain time and date and see how engagement on your post goes. You can make use of Instagram Stories and update them about what’s going on for a better interaction.

There are advanced tools to check the Instagram analytics of your page and decide the right time of the day to post specific content. If you can get that managed, then nobody can stop you from becoming an Instagram influencer.


– Use good Instagram hashtags without exaggerating (5 to 6 per post) :

Before you become an Instagram influencer, it is essential to understand the value of #hashtags. Instagram gives lots of importance to hashtags as they make your posts searchable. Keep your audience in mind and select the trending hashtags in your niche while posting content.

The rule of thumb is keep it in limit. Don’t go overboard, just use 5 to 6 hashtags on an average and coordinate phrases, popular words in your niche and create something relatable.


– Post Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories are a hit now and for becoming an Instagram influencer, you can’t do away with them. Every day 200 million plus users use Instagram stories and why shouldn’t you join this to improve your followers base? They are searchable by non-followers too through your #hashtags, locations and stories. For influencer having more than 10,000 followers, you can add a link in Stories with a ‘Swipe up’ option.

Spread some love and tag other accounts and get mutual promotions on Instagram for more exposure.


– Know how to engage your community and communicate:

This is what you should start acting on. To become an Instagram influencer, pick your phone and start interacting on your Instagram account, make them feel they are talking to a person and not posting on a wall on picture. Strengthen your brand name by encouraging them to use a special hashtag curated for you. Respond to comments, like back the pictures of your followers, respond to EVERY MESSAGE you get, it is important to build a community that loves you for the person you are and not only for the pictures or videos you post.

– Do partnerships to create viral posts:

Once you started having couple of thousand followers, you will get messages from brands asking a collaboration or partnership with you. It’s very important to take this seriously even though you will receive a lot of products, create good content, they might repost your pictures on their pages which means more followers for you!

– Participate in events, meetings

– Passion, creativity, originality are the key for you to succeed !

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