How To Dress For An Interview – IT company perspective

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Nikoleta Vartsaneli, Human Resources Executive at Shireburn Software, reviews 3 outfit selections (see gallery) and comments on them from the perspective of this long established IT company.

For our environment and culture in general, I believe a combination of Option 3 and Option 2 is the best answer. Option 2 can be too formal for roles such as Developers and Support Agents, mainly because the daily dress will be completely different. I would expect a candidate for a Managerial position to come dressed as the second image.
Smart casual is always the safest choice for the first interview and observing the environment around you will help a lot for the second interview.
Also, feeling comfortable in what you wear will definitely reduce the stress and give a boost in the confidence.

Dress codes in general for your industry
Our company’s dress code is Smart/Business casual. Since our offices welcome customers, we have advised our team to present themselves professionally with a casual touch. Shirt & trousers, polo shirts, skirts, and dresses that are appropriate for a business environment is how the team is usually dressed.

Beachwear, gym or torn clothes are not acceptable. ”


A bit about Nikoleta
“I have a Bachelor Degree in Social Work because l am passionate about people and all the ways they can reach their full potential. No matter where I worked, there was always a Human Resources involvement, whether by training-onboarding, recruiting, or by having the role itself.

The past two years of my solid HR experience I can safely say that I learn new things every day. I enjoy having the team interacting more with each other and creating positive experiences for them. Seeing them grow in their role, provide them with training and development opportunities and ensure that the working environment is a safe one, is what helps the company and the team grow. ”


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