Great Siege Lunch

There was a time when kebabs were something you ate after a night on the town or between pub and club. The quality of kebabs in Malta though, means you can eat them in broad daylight, stone cold sober. And thanks to the Turkish link, there are a number of places to get your fill.

A relatively new chain, POSH Turkish, has sprung up and is opening branches all over the place. Birzebuggia is the latest edition and I have a feeling they won’t stop there.

There are the usual doner kebabs, which are cooked on the spit, shish and a varietyof other meats. Being on my pre-winter-new-clothes-shopping-spree diet, I had a chicken shish and salad. Well cooked, tasty chicken and I opted for hummus, tomato salad, cucumber salad, roasted aubergines as my sides and a Coke Zero. It also came with chips which I left. I am a saint. But just for you to know, the portions are huge. I could actually have done without one of the salads or the chicken. I did leave quite a bit of food, next time I’ll take a tupperware (if i ever find one at home with a corresponding lid).

The outlets have lots of salad choices, corn, mushrooms, spicy rice, cous cous….. dips, breads and desserts.
They also do a Pide – which is the Turkish take on a pizza for want of a better description. Loaded with filling, it is first on my list when I hit my target weight.


Our overall impression:
Easy parking.
Good selection.
Big portions.
Good for takeaway.


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