DataLight – crypto analytics platform – to apply traditional stock market metrics

DataLight is the first analytics platform to successfully apply fundamental analysis to crypto markets in order to come up with precise and easy-to-use tools for both seasoned and beginner crypto traders and investors.

Every day, DataLight analyses more than 3 million messages on social media and 9.8 million trades on crypto exchanges. It also gathers all available data on bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchain activity and, after processing all this information, presents it in a convenient and customisable form.

DataLight Lab, an even more insightful analytics tool, offers users a wide variety of additional facilities to set up convenient crypto dashboards for different needs, featuring graphs, widgets and diagrams which are fully customisable so that every crypto enthusiast can create the ultimate personalised source of trading insights and information.

Among the many metrics available to DataLight Lab’s users, the most important are:

Hype Index – this shows how popular a crypto asset is at the current time, and how much it is being discussed.

Buy Market – this indicates the share of people who have bought a crypto asset at its current market price.

BTCX – based on the traditional US dollar index USDX and DXY, this estimates bitcoin’s true dominance compared to the top five altcoins, but in real time, which is much more precise than the traditional Bitcoin Dominance Index.

Sharpe Ratio – another index coming from traditional finance, this examines the performance of a crypto investment adjusted for its risk

CVIX (Crypto Volatility Index) – similar to the classic CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), this shows the volatility of every crypto asset together with the total crypto market capitalisation.

Datalight Rating – this shows an overall estimation for the top 100 blockchain projects. This includes the number and rating of exchanges listing a cryptocurrency or token, the volume and number of transactions at exchanges and in blockchains, liquidity and demand, bid-ask spreads, the share of tokens or cryptocurrencies stored at the exchanges and in wallets , social media sentiment and mentions in media outlets, as well as a plethora of other metrics.

DataLight can be integrated with other products and services using the API supplied, and data can also be exported either in a raw form or as pre-set graphs and charts, which makes DataLight one of the most flexible and convenient analytics tools on the market.

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