Crypto investment fund Sharpe, redefines brand segments

Sharpe has been riding the wave of new business, market volatility, growth in user base and team. However, like most developing businesses, Sharpe has outgrown its original structure, opening up a window of opportunity to redefine their brand identity.

What does this new look mean for the Sharpe community of trusted users or potential users? Simply put:

A clearer picture of who Sharpe is, what we offer and why we’re motivated to do what we do.

When asked about the reasoning behind the re-brand, Sharpes marketing team explained: “We are exposed to streams of branded content every day, making it hard to truly understand why businesses are doing what they are doing, particularly in this industry. A number of businesses within the fintech and crypto space are seen as simply jumping on the ‘hype’ bandwagon. Therefore, we wanted to take this opportunity to clearly articulate why we’re passionate about what we do.”

Sharpe co-founder Lewis Barber, agreed, adding “From the very beginning it was always interesting to us that financial markets are somewhat mystical to most people who don’t have the privilege to work in the industry, or be born in the right part of the world where these opportunities are in abundance. We wanted to make financial markets easier for people to understand, and reduce ‘the gap’ between institutions and the retail market. Through our Centuri product suite, collective wisdom, and tokenised economy, we’re proud to have created an environment in which anybody with a computer and Internet connection can learn about markets, and earn fair payment for their participation in our ecosystem. More than anything else, we’ve enjoyed the journey of developing a shared economy with our token holders and we look forward to growing together as we launch more products and features over the months and years ahead.”

“Sharpe is, and always will be, a borderless, open and inclusive community, for people from all walks of life — baristas included!”

Sharpe is known as Sharpe Capital to many, but this has changed, Sharpe Capital has now become just a subset of what Sharpe does. The Capital arm of the business boasts a strong collection of products, not only focusing on the algorithmic trading and SCD (token), but also investments in equity markets and high frequency trading.

Sharpe now has three distinct identities covering everything they do. Each brand is uniquely different in terms of offering, vision and audience. Although distinctive in offering, all three arms contribute to their overall vision of creating an open and transparent ecosystem centred around financial markets intelligence, data analytics and investing.


Sharpe Capital – Those interested in trading a variety of different asset classes, across both cryptocurrency markets and equities

Sharpe Ventures – Young companies with a great team and growth plan, investing in and focusing on the adoption blockchain technology

Sharpe Analytics – Financial institutions or individuals interested in real time predictive analytics, and how sentiment data can benefit and inform investment decisions

Sharpe prides itself on being democratised, innovative and insightful. The aim behind these values is to ensure that the value is shared amongst everyone who adds value to the Sharpe tokenised economy, there is the perfect combination of human, finance and tech, resulting in rewards for all participants and the combination of real humans, real data and results in real benefits.

Take a look at the new Sharpe website, join the community, or keep track of the Sharpe platform here:

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