Self-development is critical during the Covid-19 Crisis

In these strange COVID days, with many people having less or even no work, there has been lots of talk about using the time profitably for self-development. The Succeed web site is all about self-development for business. The site aims to empower people who are on their career path to improve and develop with the objective being to succeed.

I recently posted something on Facebook to ask the question “Grandpa, what did you learn during the COVID-19 crisis?” which harks back to the oft asked question to adults after World War II “what did you do during the war?“. This is our war and we want to come out of it better placed, better equipped, better skilled for the peace.

Social media is currently awash with free courses, masterclasses and zoom sessions for everything from managing in a crisis, software development, design, dealing with Covid-19, yoga, meditation, cooking, photography … The list goes on.

In addition traditional learning sites have reported significant take up.  I thought I would share with you a number of on-line learning resources which gather hundreds of courses across all sorts of disciplines. Some of these sites excel on specific areas and some of these courses are free.

Clearly, once the COVID-19 crisis starts to subside, we will be in a new world. Individually we need to ensure that us and our colleagues are able to take the brave new world. We will not be doing the same things so why should we believe we will be able to use the old methods?



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John de Giorgio

John is the founder of Shireburn Software, a software products company based in Malta and a number of other businesses. Entrepreneurial in nature, he looks at a business process and identifies ways in which process improvement and technology can be married in a practical way to provide value. He is passionate about helping communities and individuals through his work with Rotary International. He is a keen sailor and loves travelling, food and wine.