CEX.IO Joins Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group

CEX.IO has joined the Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group (WG) aimed at influencing the EU regulatory framework, educating regulators and advising the community on European legislative matters.

The UK-based cryptocurrency exchange has always been a long-standing proponent of initiatives that work with regulators bring clarity to the industry.

CEX.IO is among the founders of CryptoUK – an association formed by exchanges, trading platforms, asset managers and major stakeholders, aimed at building cooperation with regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority, to develop an operating framework to best serve the digital asset community.

“At CEX.IO, we see the Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group as an avenue to develop an EU-wide approach for crypto industry regulation, which will serve as a template for all Member States, and is a great first step in the development of next-generation payment and value-transfer systems”. – Serhii Mokhniev, Regulatory Affairs Counsel at CEX.IO

“The WG is a group of industry representatives, and is a member of the European Commission Payment Systems Market Expert Group (PSMEG). We are delighted to have CEX.IO as a Member of our Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group and we believe their expertise will be a very valuable contribution to our work. CEX.IO, as do all our Members, subscribes to our ethical guidelines: https://www.blockchainwg.eu/ethical-guidelines/.” – Monica Monaco, Founder and Secretary General, the Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group (WG)

The Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group is registered in the European Transparency register under number: 635727423661-17.

Founded in 2013, CEX.IO has sought licensing from jurisdictions across the globe. Based in the UK and operational in the EU, CEX.IO has recently been given “in-principle” approval for the coveted Gibraltar Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provider license. CEX.IO is currently pursuing licensing in the United States and numerous other notable jurisdictions, all with the common goal to grow the digital asset community worldwide.

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