A touch of class

It’s never a chore to have lunch at Palazzo Parisio, though parking is a bit of a nightmare, you aren’t likely to squeeze lunch in here in an hour anyway. It’s treat time, take the afternoon of time, lunch merges into dinner time kind of place.

Often reserved for occasions, Palazzo Parisio actually does a mighty fine lunch, if you choose wisely. I had the chicken cesar salad last time and it wasn’t up to much. I know, serves me right for choosing a salad. This time, teriyaki salmon, much better option. There was in fact a bit to much fish, but the cats that roamed the garden will have enjoyed it I’m sure.

My colleague had the club sandwich. Now, call me sexist, but this is a girlie kid of place, but her portion was seriously man-size. Triple decker with crispy bacon, chicken and lots of leaves, parmesan and a drippy dressing in the sandwich, which she managed to polish off, as well as the mountain of chips that came with it.

We stuck to water with our meal but finished off with a coffee and one coffee martini. That sure set up my colleague for the rest of the day. Buzzing with ideas and annoyingly even more energetic.

Bill was around 50 euro, and we could have stayed nattering there admiring the scenery, but work beckoned.

So, go, book the afternoon off, and have time for cake.


Our overall impression:
Car parking nightmare
Well priced.
Friendly service though can be slow when tourist bus loads are in.
Good for lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails and dinner.

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Monique Chambers

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