30+ and want to improve your English

Your school days and university days are a decade away already, and while you probably feel some of the information you learned has stubbornly stayed ingrained in your memory, you may feel, now you are working and travelling independently, that some skills need further attention.

But dedicating time is tricky, right? You can dedicate just one week to improve your language skills, which in turn will improve your personal and professional life. Look up a week when a public holiday occurs to save some of your precious leave and give up a few months of that ‘walk to work coffee’ to cover the cost, or maybe your company will pay for it as part of their talent management responsibility? Afterall, it will benefit them too.

Combine the course with a ‘wish list’ destination – like New York – and you can even continue to work around the class schedule. With 20 hours of lessons and morning, zig zag or afternoon classes available, you can essentially be available for a half day a day if required! If you can take the time off completely, you can immerse yourself in learning English for business in the city that never sleeps and practice with your classmates, on shopkeepers, with new friends over cocktails or appreciating more at the theatre.

EC Language Schools also offer a Business English class in London every Monday, which again, is scheduled over 20 hours and gives you the chance to improve your English with improved fluency and more confidence to network with your cohort and confidently deal with a variety of business issues and situations as each session is designed to cover particular areas of English for work, including Communication, Crisis management, Team building, Finance, International business, Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. Look at the list of 30+ English schools for adults, you may find one that is pertinent to your work too.

Perhaps you are a solo traveller, and you want to brush up on your English and learn about a new destination in the security of a group? Maybe for friendship or even for your own interest or hobby …. then the English In The City course might be perfect for you. This is 20 hours of regular English lessons and then there are an additional 10 hours which give you the chance to learn about the area and culture of the destination too. A great way to combine travel, learning and making friends! That’s a threefold return on your investment!

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Monique Chambers

Monique started succeed in 2018 and indulge in 2011. She has published two apps; Indulge Me GIFT and Indulge Me FOOD and volume 1 of The Artists Directory - Malta, as well as an audio book, Table 7. A PR and Marketing professional by trade with a Masters in Entrepreneurship, Monique's passion is to promote local talent and Malta in general.