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‘Fasttrack I.T. Journey: How to move from Supplier to Partner’ is an essential read for buyers and suppliers in the IT sector. The book was written by Alok Ranjan Tripathy who has been a senior director in the IT industry for many years. He comments that the purpose of his book is: “To decode the conundrum around IT services and to improve the relationship between buyers and suppliers for long-term benefits and sustainability.”

Alok started his career in software development and then moved into pre-sales and sales. He has worked in a variety of sectors, including retail and telecoms, as well as the financial sector and insurance industry in a range of countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and France. He is currently based in Edinburgh. His qualifications include a degree in electrical and electronics engineering from National Institute of Technology in Calicut, India. Alok had published a paper on “Emerging trends in Payment Security”, back in 2009, for HSBC Asia Pacific yearbook.

Alok’s book is aimed at both young aspirants and professionals within the IT sector, including CIOs, software service providers and developers, and IT suppliers and providers across all sectors of industry. It takes a long look at buyers and suppliers within the IT business and how they work together to achieve their specific goals. The book also questions the status quo and prescribes seven “C” principles which are based on Alok’s simple observations. It’s an enjoyable read.

Readers from the IT sector will certainly identify with many of Alok’s observations about the industry, but his optimism and excitement about the future of IT is an irrepressible force which guides the book along. From a brief history of the development of IT, Alok moves on to discuss the conundrum of IT services and the way they are misunderstood or trivialised and regarded purely as staff augmentation.

The use of simple structures and straightforward language throughout ‘Fasttrack I.T. Journey’ helps ensure it’s an easy read for anybody. And Alok takes a unique approach towards IT supply and purchasing, which can help any professional understand the ways in which these mutual relationships work. His extensive experience within sales and IT is profoundly obvious throughout this book and buyers or suppliers will discover lots of helpful tips to assist their understanding and improve working practices.

IT Services like any service industry is heavily dependent on people and competency. Hence the book brings out the improvements in behavioural aspects on both the Supplier and Buyer end, which can infuse and can build trust, which will be beneficial to transform the relationship from transactional to long term partnership.

A bird in hand is better than two in bush!!

Finally, Alok goes on to take a look at the ways IT could develop in the post-Internet era and offers more tips on successful partnerships between buyers and suppliers and the sorts of possibilities and challenges that arise.

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Just one of the many reader testimonials for the book includes the statement: “What I love about the book is that it highlights the very special and delicate relationship between buyer and supplier. There are different types of buyers and suppliers and they interact with each other in very specific ways. If you read this book, your buyer or supplier relationships will improve. It’s a very interesting book, and takes a unique angle, which I have never heard before”.


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